Corporate expense reporting

Version 8 - Can't be much simplier!

Open Source with Support!

Take a picture of your receipt, make a notation and send it to ESS™ to be added to your report. It's 100% easy. With ESS 8:

  • Enter expenses from your phone via text or email
  • Email, text or upload receipts images when required
  • Security handshake makes it safe

Here are the details on ESS 8:
New Feature Description
ESS™ converts text and email messages to expense entries Want to enter that cab fare before you forget it? No need to haul out the lap top, simply text/email in the expense type and amount (e.g. "taxi 8.00").
ESS™ accepts receipt scans as email attachments Eliminates the hassle and costs of handling, processing, storing and accounting for paper receipts.
ESS™ accepts receipt scans from cell phones via text messages Take a picture of the receipt with your cell phone, add a short comment and then send the receipt to ESS™. It will be waiting for you next time you log into ESS™ to submit your report.
Multi-device registration provides security A secure handshake between your browser/phone, ESS server and user guards against unwanted transmissions.
Open source means it is still going forward ESS™ is still very much a live product and new features, based on your needs and input, are continually added. Here is more information on ESS™.